Posted by: mete23 | September 29, 2010

Scripture Study Tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow, September 29, as we dig deeply into Scriptures as a fellowship! Will be a great time to learn, question, discuss and marvel together at what God may be doing among us.

See you in Usdan 108 at 7:30PM!

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with one another.” Romans 12.15-6

Posted by: mete23 | September 24, 2010

GIGs Start Today and Tomorrow!

GIGs (Groups Investigating God) start today and tomorrow! See the GIG page for more information.

Today’s GIG will be at 5:30PM at Albritton 311. Contact Nathan ( or Lionel ( if you are interested in coming-or you can just show up too haha.

Tomorrow’s GIG will be at 7:30PM at Butt C 311. Contact Francis ( or Joyce (

Anyone can come! Seriously, no Bible/God/religion knowledge, experience necessary.

Happy Friday!

Posted by: mete23 | September 21, 2010

Catalyst Meeting: Choices

Our Catalyst Meeting this Wednesday, September 22 we will be meeting 7:30PM at Usdan 108. From now on we will be meeting in our usual location, either Usdan 108 or 110.

This week we will hear testimonies from two seniors about the choices they have made in their lives! We will also have the opportunity to talk about the choices we have made in our lives as well.

Come join us 🙂

I will leave you all with lyrics from the song “I Already Have It” from Ebony Singers last night.
“I have the power to speak into existence everything that God has for me.”

Posted by: mete23 | September 15, 2010

Prayer Walk!

We will be going on a prayer walk tonight! If you have never done this before or have prayed and walked a million times already, we invite you to join us in prayer.

Come by tonight at 7:30PM in Albritton 103 as we experience the power of prayer in community.

Today is Wednesday, which means the weekend is almost here…hang in there!

For great is your love, higher than the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Psalm 108.4

Posted by: mete23 | September 12, 2010

WesCF Listserv

If you have not been receiving emails from WesCF and you do want to get emails, please contact Arion Blas at He will add you onto the listserv. We apologize for those who have not been getting updates but check this blog frequently because this will also be posting upcoming events.

If you would like to be in a GIG, please contact Joyce Wong at There’s always room so if you are interested cynic, seeker or believer, feel free to sign up.

Meanwhile check out Charity:Water, a non-profit organization that seeks to provide clean and safe water for billions. Challenge yourself to give up your birthday for Charity:Water.

Posted by: mete23 | September 10, 2010

GIGs Update!

Hey all!

Thanks for being so enthusiastic about the GIGs! We got many names to sign up and we are super excited about it all. We will send out an email this weekend about the times and locations so no worries yet but if you know of anyone else who maybe interested in exploring who this Jesus person is, please send me an email at!

Will leave you tonight with a prayer from Sojourners:

“For the sun and the moon and the stars that light the night, we give you thanks. For the rain and the wind and the storm, we give you thanks. For the diversity of people whom you have created, we give you thanks. Holy and precious God, we ask that you would grant us the understanding and the patience to live in peace, with your creation, and with all those whom you have created. Help us remember that we are all brothers and sisters in you.  Amen.”

Also thank God that Terry Jones has decided not to burn Qurans on September 11. Let’s continue to pray for peace… read more here. There will be a prayer tomorrow for you to do that at Usdan Courtyard from 5-6P. We will be praying for the protection of religious freedom for the millions of Muslims in America.

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And more updated than ever!!

This Wednesday we invite you all to our first Catalyst Meeting! It will be held at Albritton 004 at 7:30PM.

Catalyst Meeting is the place where we gather as one family to celebrate and experience God in a welcoming environment. We grow individually and corporately in our love for Jesus and our campus through prayer, Biblically based teaching, musical worship and sharing how God is working in our lives.

We invite you to join us in welcoming the new semester as a fellowship as we unpack our mission statement, sing some songs of praise and do a brief Scriptural Study!

See you all then!

“Sing to the Lord a new song for he has done marvelous things!” -Psalm 98.1

Posted by: cky | February 19, 2009

This Friday

This Friday will be a little different!!!
SHOUT! LET IT ALL OUT! : an interactive forum where we will all discuss the changes or developments we want to see in WESCF as God continues to develop the fellowship. Have you ever felt like…We never do ______ in WESCF? I really wish ________ could change? Maybe if we do_______ we might grow as group? Well here’s the chance to say it! Our discussion will be followed by prayer as we commit everything to Jesus.
Change comes…but it comes slowly and it comes in unity through patience as we humble ourselves unto God!
Start praying about the change you want to see and come ready to share!
Posted by: cky | December 2, 2008

Large Group and Christmas Party!

Hi everyone!

This Friday’s large group will be our Worship Night! We’ll have a time of extended worship and our usual snacks after. Do come to Usdan 108 at 730pm.

Also, this SATURDAY will be our Christmas Party! Hooray! There will be music, caroling, performances, desserts, and a great tradition, the Gingerbread House Making Competition! So please come to 200 Church, Saturday at 730pm. Invite your friends!! Come early to help decorate. Fun.

We also need your help to bring DESSERTS for the Christmas Party! If you’d like to bring a dessert or drinks, email Arion :

See you guys soon! Have a good last week of classes….

Posted by: cky | November 5, 2008

Ten Shekel Shirt concert

Slavery still persists in parts of the world and one of the ways that human beings still suffer and are exploited is child sex slavery and trafficking. UNICEF estimates 1.2million children trafficked annually in an industry worth billions of dollars. Find out more about the movement for the abolition of child sex trafficking and learn how you can help!

This Friday, Ten Shekel Shirt will be on campus performing a concert in benefit of, an organization against child sex slavery and trafficking..Come and listen to a great band and learn more about this important movement!

FRIDAY 7th November, 8pm
World Music Hall.
suggestion donation : $5 – All donations will go to Love146.

Facebook Event :
Check out and for more information.

Also, join us in prayer this Wednesday at 6pm in the Usdan Cafe as we pray for children across the world and for this movement. All are welcome regardless of faith.

This event is organized by the Wesleyan Christian Fellowship and supported by the WSA, the Protestant chaplain’s office, local churches, and many helpful students and friends

Ten Shekel Shirt

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