Posted by: mete23 | October 27, 2010

Bring Red or Black Tonight!

Just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that we will gather tomorrow as a fellowship at 7:30pm in Usdan 110. We’re approaching a point in our semester that lends itself well to reflecting both on where we’ve come from and looking forward to where we are going as we proclaim new life individually and collectively.  With that in mind, we’ll spend the first portion of our meeting in small group prayer, approaching God in praise, inquiry, and stillness.

We’ll then transition into planning for the Fall Conference retreat which is upon us!  Of course, we must represent our Wes spirit in New Hampshire….to that end, one of the items high on the agenda will be creating the “costumes” we’ll wear up at Fall Conference 😛 — we’ll have much more about that tomorrow, but please bring either a red or black t-shirt in preparation for our little costume-making party….and this most definitely applies as well to those who won’t be able to attend the conference: when you sport your shirt around campus, your friends will surely want to know where you got your designer original 😉

Bring your beautiful and inspirational selves with your red/black T-shirt in hand.

Blessings, grace, and unshakable peace,



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