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First Catalyst Meeting

Dear sisters and brothers,
We give you an enthusiastic welcome to Wesleyan!
The Wesleyan Christian fellowship is comprise of a diverse, multicultural Wesleyan student body and is welcoming to all. Our mission is to join Jesus and proclaim new life to students and faculty at Wesleyan.  Please join us for our first Wesleyan Christian Fellowship gathering on Wednesday, September 5th at 7:30pm at Usdan 110 to joyfully celebrate the new academic year and worship with keen hearts.

We meet regularly on Wednesdays nights and host many activities such us the Alpha course, Intervarsity Fall Retreat at Toah Nipi and a Christmas Celebration. Come and join us for speaker events, bible study, worship, prayer, community, food, friends, sharing and lots of fun.  We hope to grow in faith with you all and share our love with one another.  If you are unable to join us this Wednesday, we encourage you to come next week or whenever you are available to participate in the fellowship throughout the academic year.
Also, the Protestant Meet and Greet is this Sunday, September 2nd at 4pm in Usdan 110. We invite you to meet fellow Christians and the Protestant Chaplain, and learn more about the Wesleyan Christian Fellowship.

As we embark upon the coming academic year let us pray for a continued abundance of grace, guidance and support.

Many blessings,
The Wesleyan Christian Fellowship (WesCF)

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Red Cup Campaign: What are you thirsty for?

Come meet the Christian community today (September 4) at the Daniel Family Commons at 5PM!

The question of the day: What are you thirsty for?

Please note: The information (meeting times/places/events) on this site will be updated!!

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How did Humans Emerge from the Mud?

This will be a great talk about different perspectives on the origins of life. Dr. Gerald Rau graduated from Wesleyan in 1976 and was one of the co-founders of Wesleyan Christian Fellowship. Invite all interested in hearing an enlightened talk about science and faith!
Refreshments will be provided.

Where: PAC 001
When: 7:ooPM
Cost: FREE

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Reflections from Fall Retreat

We have Catalyst tomorrow at 7:30PM, Usdan 108!

It will be a time of celebration as well as reflections from this past weekend. We had a great time at Toah Nipi and are more than willing to share what we have learned, heard, seen and experienced!

Don’t we look exactly like Transformers?

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Bring Red or Black Tonight!

Just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that we will gather tomorrow as a fellowship at 7:30pm in Usdan 110. We’re approaching a point in our semester that lends itself well to reflecting both on where we’ve come from and looking forward to where we are going as we proclaim new life individually and collectively.  With that in mind, we’ll spend the first portion of our meeting in small group prayer, approaching God in praise, inquiry, and stillness.

We’ll then transition into planning for the Fall Conference retreat which is upon us!  Of course, we must represent our Wes spirit in New Hampshire….to that end, one of the items high on the agenda will be creating the “costumes” we’ll wear up at Fall Conference 😛 — we’ll have much more about that tomorrow, but please bring either a red or black t-shirt in preparation for our little costume-making party….and this most definitely applies as well to those who won’t be able to attend the conference: when you sport your shirt around campus, your friends will surely want to know where you got your designer original 😉

Bring your beautiful and inspirational selves with your red/black T-shirt in hand.

Blessings, grace, and unshakable peace,


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Conversion Stories Across NE!

Welcome back from break 🙂

Tonight Catalyst Meeting will be held in Usdan 108 at 7:30PM

We will be hearing about amazing conversion stories that happened in other New England campuses this semester!

See you then.

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Fall Conference 2010!

Deadline to apply for Fall Conference 2010 is this Wednesday, October 13! Please bring in $25 to Usdan 110 at 7:30-9PM or find me to reserve your spot! THIS WILL BE  A SOLD OUT EVENT. Scholarship is available as well so please don’t let money prevent you from coming! You will find rest, community with students from Wesleyan and other Connecticut and Rhode Island schools and the opportunity to investigate the Christian faith.

Also, you do NOT need any Christian/Bible/God/Theology knowledge or experience! Invite all 🙂

Theme: Re: Turning, Discovering the Hospitality of God

Date: October 29-31

Location: Toah Nipi, NH

Questions, concerns and comments, contact me (Joyce):!

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Ravi Zacharias Follow Up

Hearing Ravi Zacharias speak this past weekend was a great experience to say the least and we would like to follow up and have a discussion about how we can apply what he spoke about to our lives. If you did not attend either of the sessions, no worries! Please come join us as we talk a little bit about apologetics as well as how we can relate that to our lives as students.

Date: October 13, Wednesday

Room: Usdan 110

Time: 7:30PM

Hang in there-Fall break is around the corner!

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24 Hour Prayer!!

Hey Wesleyan,

We are going to be praying for 24 hours starting from noon today, October 7 until noon tomorrow, October 8! Please stop by Butt C 210 to engage with various prayer stations and pray for students, our campus and other requests.

If you have any questions, email Tori Rowe at

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Topic: Christ, Christianity, and the Culture of Our Time: Is Christianity Still Relevant?

Date: October 9, 7:00PM

Cost: FREE


Ravi Zacharias is HUGE. He has written so many books and spoken at numerous conferences, debates all across the world. More info about him here.

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